•  sKY:: and slaDE~

    sKY:: & slaDE~

    An assorted gallery bearing witness to sKY:: & slaDE~ in FLIGHT. Many thanks to the numerous wonderful photographers who have contributed to our expanding portfolio!

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  • Inversion Therapy

    Inversion Therapy

    An assorted gallery of inversion therapy poses where there is an intricate blending of breath, heart and mind. The therapeutic benefits of inversion therapy are well documented and sound. Inversion against gravity will enliven your senses like no other.

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  • Private yogaFLIGHT Sessions

    Private yogaFLIGHT Sessions

    One-on-one or group private yogaFLIGHT sessions can be very serious and a whole lot of fun :). We are happy to offer Private Instruction or Corporate Yoga classes, bringing the benefits of yoga to the places you live, work, and play.

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  • Workshops


    yogaFLIGHT Workshops: manypeeplia upside down.

    yogaFLIGHT workshops allow participants to experience the benefits of yoga in a safe atmosphere that supports playful exploration, communication, strength and trust.

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  • Kid's yogaFLIGHT

    Kid's yogaFLIGHT

    Kid's yogaFLIGHT: play time for everyone! sKY:: and slaDE~ will bring the benefits of yoga in the form of a story, encouraging imagination and creativity. All this within a playful, nurturing and connected environment. The family that plays together stays together!

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  • Yoga Classes

    Yoga Classes

    Our yoga classes are Hatha-based with space to find your own groove. Regardless of age, experience, flexibility or fitness, we are happy to offer instruction in your home, business or venue of choice, allowing you to schedule classes at times and locations that are most convenient. Our onsite services are available to all-experience levels, from beginner to advanced, and open to children, teens or adults (whether it be for individual, couple, family or group classes).

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  • Corporate Events

    Corporate Events

    Energize the body, invigorate the mind. Corporate yoga will add a whole new dimension of productivity, creativity, job satisfaction and success to your business. sKY:: and slaDE~ are more than happy to bring the benefits of yoga and yogaFLIGHT to your workplace.

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  • At Play With yogaFLIGHT

    At Play With yogaFLIGHT

    Play is for everybody and EVERY body.

      play |plā|:   verb -- engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. Play is commonly associated with children, but positive psychology has stressed that play is imperative for all higher-functioning animals, even adult humans.

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  • FREE Offerings

    FREE Offerings

    Añjali in Sanskrit means "offering", "a gesture of reverence", "salutation", and is derived from anj, meaning "to honour or celebrate". We hope you enjoy our offerings. Namaste.

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