About rVThereYet.ca, the Journey

On the road, sKY:: and her husband live, laugh and love in their 1991 60th Anniversary, 34 foot Airstream, pursuing the finer things in life: the privilege of transient freedom and blissful flight! Follow them on their frequently updated blog rVthereyet.ca as they endeavour to combine all their passions (see 'Life Passions') into a co-crea8ted adventurous eco-friendly journey travelling the globe.

rV There Yet??

Interesting Facts About sKY:: and slaDE~

  • They live outside the box of conformity, approaching the world with a nomadic flair, exploring at whim and following their bliss, passions and the sun :). They follow their hearts desire, exploring the world like the water that hugs a meandering riverbank -- going with the flow and adapting as they move through the essence of groundedness and flight.

  • They tend to approach the world beyond the defaults of everyday thinking, living well within their means and without boundaries or set guidelines. They're not afraid to take chances, facing change head on, reaching beyond the sky and any limitations that may come their way with trust in the universe, breath and love.

  • They are passionate warriors fighting for the Earth's presence, both present and future, living a humble lifestyle that honours and respects both the planet and those who live on it.

  • They are pioneers, forging an adventurous digital, skydiving and yogaFLIGHT journey that touches the sky, dancing amidst the clouds of their everyday moments, inventing it all as they go.

  • sKY:: is an avid digital geek who likes to approach her fears head on, as long as the risk is not-life threathening in an insane sort of way :). Can you say base-jumping??

  • slaDE~ has an uncanny talent at excelling at everything he tries for the first time. This includes juggling and any balance related activities (like standing on his hands, playing hockey, rollerblading, snowboarding, slacklining) ....
  • Last but not least, they're proudly Canadian, eh. maple leaf