Welcome to yogaFLIGHT!

You're here because you want to have more fun! We endeavour to take a fresh approach to yoga, by teaching you how to stay grounded amidst the commotion and stress of modern day life while also enjoying the bliss of having your world turned upside down.

WHAT IS Yoga? Yóga, when taken from the literal Sanskrit translation, means 'to unite'. Ultimately, the practice of yoga is the union of movement and breath, connecting body, mind and spirit.

WHAT IS yogaFLIGHT? Partner yoga explores the possibilities of a yoga practice through connection with another individual. yogaFLIGHT is a form of partner yoga that combines the youthful exuberance of a child {being taken on the best airplane ride EVER} with the wonderful and healing benefits of yoga.

This fascinating combination of yoga and flight, intertwined with the breath, balance and support of another person, can bring a renewed sense of playful creativity, openness, awareness, trust and communication into your life. We look forward to taking flight with you!

yogaFLIGHT is for everybody and EVERY body.

What can we do for you?

yogaFLIGHT Workshops

yogaFLIGHT workshops allow participants to experience the benefits of yoga in a safe atmosphere that supports playful exploration, communication, strength and trust. More

Book a yogaFLIGHT Event

Birthday and Engagement Parties, Family Reunions, Summer Fairs, Studio Openings, Weddings. Endless possibilities, any special event! An unforgettable experience that will turn your world upside down.More

Private Classes & Corporate Yoga

We are happy to offer Private Instruction or Corporate Yoga classes, bringing the benefits of yoga to the places you live, work, and play.More

Inversion Therapy

Breathe deeply, open your heart, and experience the healing and restorative benefits of inversion therapy.More

Community Yoga

Individual and community transformation is important to Us. We are open to community outreach and possibility.More

Personal Lifestyle Coaching

In need of a change? Want advice and tips on living a healthy lifestyle (whether at home or on the road)? We will help you create the lifestyle YOU want.More